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Working with Epic Assist

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Around August last year, we were approached by Epic Assist to support the placement of an employee with a disability.

EPIC Assist is a leading not-for-profit organisation who have For over 25 years been changing the lives of people who are disadvantaged or marginalised, through employment. They stay with participants in their place of employment until their assistance is no longer needed. The result is a success for all – participants, employers and the broader community.

Adam, along with his assistant, is a valuable team members who work at our yard 2 days a week. Adam helps out with cleaning and lawn maintenance around the yard, office and workshop.

As an Employer, I would encourage people/businesses to keep an open mind and try and think outside the box when it comes to employees, because you may well find a great employee like we have.

To find out more about Epic Assist please click on the Picture below.

To learn more about our management team click HERE

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