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Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Land Reclamation Management 2012

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Key Points:

  • Historical First: This is part of the largest LNG-development in Australia

  • Simultaneous projects: We are running the land reclamation component on the Gladstone Western Basin contract as well as the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal Project

  • Quantities: 2.4million cubic meters

Taking advantage of large dredging and reclamation plant equipment in the area, the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal was given the green light for Australia’s largest coal port development in 2012. The project included dredging works for channels, swing basins and berth pockets that will provide access for vessels to the completed terminal.

On this project, Bonelli Plant Hire's extensive experience seen our team members filling key roles such as site supervisors and leading hands as well as providing plant and labour for the reclamation works. There was 8.8km of bund walls established for this reclamation area. The hydraulic placement of the dredged material required Bonelli Plant Hire to construct 4km of shoreline with a further 1km of shore line to access via going under the road into the Land reclamation area C.

The go-ahead for the contract was given with short notice and involved a narrow execution time frame. What is noteworthy about this project is the early handover and successful delivery of these rolls being maintained simultaneously with the massive Gladstone Western Basin Dredging project for the LNG export Terminal.

Bonelli Plant hire has a rich history of Land Reclamation projects all over Australia. You can learn more by visiting HERE

Below: The sinker line emerged onshore at the eastern end of the reclamation area and we began pumping into the 8.8km of bunded reclamation area. A discharge line was set up at the southwestern end of the reclamation area. We used van heck pumps to pump under the road and into the secondary reclamation area.

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