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Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Land Reclamation Management 2018

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Key Points:

  • Dredger: Nile River (sister ship to the Pearl River)

  • Material: 1.3 million cubic Meters

  • Company: DEME

Bonelli Plant Hire has been awarded part of the DEME contract to complete the land reclamation for the $225 million Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion. Our key role will be to manage all facets of the reclamation works for the sand dredging supply component. Working closely with the highly specialised team from DRS (Dredging Reclamation Solutions) we will be involved in the temporary construction operations including the establishment of a dredge sinker line, a land pipeline and day to day reclamation operations of the project.

Learn about our rich history of land reclamation works all over Australia by clicking on the link HERE

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