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Why Desilt Your Dam or Build One With Bonelli Plant Hire?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

With the weather so dry and bush fires burning all across Australia at the moment, our customers are turning their attention to their dams and waterways on their properties. With dry or drying dams it gives our machines access to desilt your dam that we may not have had when the dam was full. While our machine is on site, we can also perform inlet and overflow maintenance.

SO WHY DESILT OR CLEAN YOUR DAM: 1. It increases the storage capacity of your dam  2. Removes unwanted organic material that may lead to algae blooms 3. Can help prolong the life of the dam structure by addressing any areas of concern. 4. Desilting your dam NOW before the summer storms is a wise move because it provides the opportunity to capture any upcoming rain.

WHY CHOOSE BONELLI PLANT HIRE:  Bonelli Plant Hire is a veteran company that has well established, lengthy experience and expertise in the earthmoving industry. Dam maintenance is just one of the many diverse applications of our fleet. We work with multiple councils to maintain their waterways and catchment areas; we are working constantly with drought-affected farmers to assist them with the Federal Government Dam Desilting Rebate. Many of our operators are property owners themselves who maintain and care for their own dams in all types of soil bases so they know what they are doing when it comes to working with residents and farmers on their water management issues. We have been very busy over the last couple of months using our 20t Long Reach Excavator to desilt and clean out dams and waterways. 

Here is a photo journey of a desilting job we did for a very happy customer.

Please visit our page to find out more about our machines by clicking HERE

1. Bulk Desilt

2. Reshaping the existing contour banks

3. Letting the silt dry out

4. Removal and Relocation of site silt and site clean up.

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