We have worked on dredging projects, bulk excavations, reclamation projects and more all around Australia.


Bonelli Plant Hire is extremely proud to have been a part of several notable projects around Australia. We started out assisting multi-national dredging companies with sand dredging from Moreton Bay in 1981 on the Brisbane Airport Upgrade. Since we have worked on the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypassing Project, Brisbane Port, Sydney's third runway managing the land reclamation and the enormous and challenging Gladstone Western Basin Project with a total dredging volume of 25 million m3. Our latest project in late 2018 was the successful delivery of the land reclamation on the Sunshine Coast Airport expansion ahead of time.

Bonelli Plant Hire has a long history of providing multinational companies with our land reclamation expertise that spans generations. For almost the past 40 years Bonelli Plant Hire has been providing this service Australia wide. Check out our extensive work history by clicking on the interactive map below or head over to our NEWS PAGE, to read and learn about each historical job description.

Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion 2018
Gold Coast Tweed River Mouth - 1995
Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal - 2012
Bing Bong Port - 1994
Bonelli Plant Hire

Our Expertise

Bonelli Plant Hire’s staff and operators share a comprehensive knowledge of the earthmoving industry, and as such we are confident in offering a wide scope of services to our customers. We have successfully managed and delivered land reclamation projects all across Australia. Our history of works can be seen below.

History Of Works

Bonelli Plant Hire's Land reclamation and dredging journey began in the 1980s and continues to this day, working in ports and coastal regions all over Australia. Our list of projects include:

  •     Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion 2018

  •     FMG Warf Extension Port Headland 2017

  •     Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal 2012

  •     Gladstone Western Basin Dredging for LNG export terminals 2011-2013

  •     Early Works Dredging Package for LNG site on Curtis Island. 2010

  •     Gladstone Port Rio Tinto’s Alumina Refinery Expansion 2009

  •     Brisbane Port – Land Reclamation 2006

  •     Gladstone RG Tanner Wharf Extension 2005

  •     Garden Island Naval Base 2005

  •     Fremantle Port Extension 2005

  •     Esperance Port Extension 2004-2005

  •     Port of Dampier Harbour Upgrade 2004

  •     Port Headland Port – BHP 2002-2003

  •     Brisbane Floodway Maintenance 1996

  •     Port of Townsville Access Channel 1996

  •     Gold Coast-Tweed River Mouth 1995

  •     Brisbane Port Reclamation Container Terminal Fisherman Island 1995

  •     Bing Bong Port 1994

  •     Sydney Parallel Runway 1993

  •     Queensland Cement Limited Silo Townsville 1992

  •     Gold Coast Beach Reclamation – Dredeco & Westham Dredging 1984

  •     Brisbane Airport floodway-Dredeco 1983

  •     Main Airport for Brisbane-Condreco 1981

Bonelli PLant Hire

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